A Message from Zehr Group regarding COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus is growing rapidly and affecting our Region.   The Zehr Group of Companies have been a part of our community for over 30 years and work with many people affected by the pandemic. Therefore, we wanted to share an update on our action plan with not only our employees, but our valued trades, suppliers, tenants, consultants, investors and our community.  As we move through this current situation, our priority is to be upfront with any decision we make and communicate as such.

The Zehr Group of Companies have taken steps to ensure our employees are safe while we continue to go about our daily tasks as much as possible.  Several of us have opted to work from home while others have chosen to distance themselves socially.  We support our staff members choices and will continue to offer the tools they need to be safe and successful during this time.

Our office is now closed to the public however we will continue to uphold our duties by reverting our communication to a more non-social program.  You are welcome to contact us via phone, email, social media or by utilizing our conference call program for larger meetings.  We have a plan in place to help ensure efficiency during this disruptive time, including accounting processes, property management and maintenance programs and construction programs being upheld providing it is safe to do so.

 At this point our construction sites are still operational until such time as the government decides to close them or it becomes a life safety issue which we cannot manage.  Our sites are closed to all unnecessary visitors and we have implemented a number of measures to protect the workers on site.

In order to ensure prompt payment, we request that all vendors submit their invoices electronically by pdf to: ap@zehrgroup.ca and AP-zehrlevesque@zehrgroup.ca for the construction department.

All inquiries regarding payment should also be directed to the respective email addresses noted above.

We are monitoring developments by our government closely and we will follow the guidance of our public health authorities.  As conditions change, our plan will be reviewed and modified, with communication being sent out as needed.  For more information on COVID-19 coronavirus, we suggest you visit canada.ca for updates.

We recognize the stress this may have on our tenants, colleagues and contractors and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation during our efforts.

From All of Us, take care of yourself and your loved ones.  Stay safe!


Zehr Group of Companies